How much will it cost?

Trying to save yourself money by paying for advice may seem counter-intuitive, but you are paying for expertise and experience, so any costs should be justified in the long-term.

How much will working with an IFA cost me?

It may seem like something of a catch-22 situation: to save money in the long term, you have to spend money in the short time. But independent financial advice can be extremely beneficial in helping you to understand your finances and assist you in making difficult financial decisions, with the ultimate aim of you being better off in the future.


IFA Help works exclusively with independent financial advisors from across the country, specialising in varying areas of financial expertise. Because of this, there is no set fee for financial advice as all IFAs will set their own fees based on how their experience can best suit your requirements and achieve your objectives. While many advisors will now publish a ‘menu’ of charges online, be advised that these can fluctuate with your personal circumstances and may have to be taken as a representation rather than an actual cost.


At IFA Help, all the IFAs we work with are part of the Financial Advisor Network. They are monitored carefully to ensure that the prices they quote are realistic and reflect the value of the service you will be receiving. Fees will always be agreed in writing before you make a commitment to any product or service.